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February 2023 Townhall Recap

On the morning of February 10, 2023, JARC Group conducted its first town hall of 2023. The half-day event allowed the JARC Group employees from both the Philippines and Indonesia to connect and learn more about the company’s 2022 achievements and our plans for 2023. It was an impressive gathering, and everyone was in high spirits. The complimentary breakfast and refreshments provided by the company added to the festive atmosphere, and employees were excited to hear our corporate updates.

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At the start of the meeting, our CEO, Mr. Toby Catral,took the stage to give a rousing speech. He thanked the JARC Group employees for their hard work and dedication, which helped the company reach its goals. He spoke about the different challenges JARC Group faced during the pandemic and how the employees had risen to the occasion, a true testament to our resilience and adaptability as a team. JARC Group’s achievement of our P1.3 billion revenue goal was also applauded as one of our highlight successes last year. Afterward, he shared the numerous plans for thecompany’s nearfuture and thevarious ways JARC Group would continue to grow and innovate.

After the opening remarks, the managers from the different departments presented their plans for the upcoming year. The Human Resources Department also introduced Jade Tipones, Alejandro Domingo, Jester Daug, and Dandy Ligutan as brand-new JARC Group employees. The Learning and Development Department also introduced JARC Radio, an internal company podcast aimed at informing and engaging JARC Group employees.

The meeting ended on a high note, with the company president announcing that he would treat all the employees to lunch at the Mandarin Garden, a nearby local restaurant. It was a generous gesture and a perfect way to end the meeting.